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About Public Engagement

Creating a new plan like the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan that will affect entire communities can be a complicated process, so we want to make sure residents can easily learn about and contribute to how decisions are being made.


Read more here about how we intend to work with residents of the greater Albany region to develop the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Our commitment to you

We seek to be transparent, equitable and inclusive, and conscious of public health.

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Transparent Process & Open Communication

  • We will use clear language free from confusing jargon.

  • We will provide residents with timely and relevant information so they can contribute informed input.

  • We will describe and share how and why decisions are made.

  • We will hold ourselves to a high professional standard and be responsible for our actions, decisions, and roles.

Equity & Inclusion

  • We will create opportunities for residents and workers from diverse backgrounds to share knowledge and provide input.

  • We will provide multiple ways for residents and workers to give input, doing our best to minimize barriers to providing input in the hopes that participation is inclusive, diverse, and balanced.

  • We will dedicate extra resources to reaching low-income households, residents who do not have access to reliable personal transportation, and residents for whom English is a second language – we know that these groups are often excluded from planning processes because they do not have the resources, time, and/or comfort-level to participate, so we will shape our outreach with the needs of these groups in mind.

Public Health

  • We will take precautions to limit in person interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will we ask for input?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it difficult to engage via standard in-person methods. We anticipate that the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will be developed under conditions where it is unsafe to gather large groups in public spaces. Therefore, we will rely heavily on electronic interactions to ask for your feedback.


Some ways we will seek your input include:

  • This website that centralizes information about the plan and explains how to provide input.

  • Phone interviews with key representatives from the community

  • Email communication through project partners that have existing relationships and spaces for engaging with residents and workers

  • Online surveys

  • Online workshops/meetings

  • Online interactive maps

How will we use your input?

AAMPO will use input from residents and workers to help identify areas for walking and bicycling improvement. AAMPO will also use public input to confirm proposed projects and help prioritize these projects.

By committing to consult the public about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, AAMPO is promising to:

  • Keep you informed

  • Listen to and acknowledge your concerns and aspirations

  • Provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision

  • Seek your feedback on plan drafts and proposals

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