Walk and Bike Map

We have developed an online map  where you can tell us the places you already bike or walk, and those places where you would like to but don’t yet feel comfortable or safe.

Traffic island flashing beacon.JPG

The opportunity to comment on the map ended April 26, 2021.

Click on the map below to view comments left by your friends and neighbors within Jefferson, Millersburg, Albany, and Tangent. Input will be used in the area plan that will advocate for improved walking and biking conditions.

  • Where do you walk and bike?

  • Where would you like to walk and bike?

  • Where are the barriers to walking and biking?

  • What can we do to remove walking and biking barriers?


​If you missed your chance to add feedback to the map you may email your comments about biking and walking to crohan@ocwcog.org or call 541-924-4548.